Latest Gadget Nation Promotion

See Steve’s latest print and video PR successes with Miami Herald!

GADGET NATION hits the Miami Herald

The Miami Herald’s website video — check it out at:

Putting together Gadget Nation was no small effort for Steve Greenberg, The Innovation Insider, and his team (myself included). Steve now gets to have fun launching this book of more than 100 quirky innovations. NBC featured him recently plus he created his own video for viral markeeting (so pass it on!). 

You’ll get crazy ideas for your own promotions just watching these!



Click below to see Steve’s attempt at being a rock star with his new book






One response to “Latest Gadget Nation Promotion

  1. It’s more than wonderful what Jes can do, Jes you’re a strong tower & a mentor to other and to who’s THIS ABLE, not disable, keep up the good works and continue to strive for excellence. Jes this is Cooper in Nassau, Bahamas, to see you dial a number with your toes is awesome. Now flying the plane with no hands I don’t know, but I love baby HURRY come back home (BAHAMAS).

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