Staying Hungry, Staying Humble

Because I’m an avid fan of professional tennis, I talk with my tennis buddies about Venus and Serena, Federer and Nadal as if they’re our next-door neighbors. Their successes elevate them to the status of heroes, but as a fellow reporter taught me in my first journalism job, I constantly listen for lessons we mere mortals can learn from these heroes.

Recently, my ears perked up when I heard the mantra that French Open champ Rafael Nadal has adopted: stay hungry, stay humble. I interpret it to mean “I’m hungry to reach new heights without calling myself the greatest.”

How can you and I adapt that mantra to our own challenges? Having just gone through the soul-searching agony of producing a flyer to market my editing business, I’ve thought about this a lot!

My flyer (request it at piggybacks on my client’s #3 New York Times best-seller How Come That Idiot’s Rich and I’m Not. This book has allowed Robert Shemin to change the direction of his career, stretching to a higher level than ever. For me, the equivalent success is helping more nonfiction authors reach new heights through expert editing.

Expert editor flyerWhat does “staying hungry, staying humble” mean for you?


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