Goodbye, George Carlin

We lost a brilliant wordsmith when comedian George Carlin
recently left this world. I remember when our friends from
Albuquerque came to visit and brought Carlin CDs with them. We’d laugh all weekend listening to his humorous one-liners.

My colleague Sam Horn wrote such a wonderful tribute to
Carlin’s genius, I’ve repeated it here with her permission.

Brilliant Brain-Droppings from George Carlin

by Sam Horn

George Carlin was the poster child for POP! (Editor’s note:
POP! is Sam’s brand and the name of her latest book).

His funny, incisive musings were Purposeful, Original, Pithy.

Samplings of his iconoclastic observations include:

“Before they invented the drawing board, what did they go
back to?”

“What if there were no hypothetical questions?”

“If you scratch a cynic, you’ll find a disappointed idealist.”

“Electricity is really just organized lightning.”

He was also known for saying, “You live 80 years and at best
you get about six minutes of pure magic.” 

Unfortunately for George, his loved ones and us, he didn’t
make it to 80 years; but he certainly gave us a lot more than
six minutes of pure genius and comedic magic. God speed.

More words of wisdom from Sam at


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