Stories Our Bodies Tell Us

In the recent past, I edited an amazing book written by a nurse who has developed a way for people to “hear” the stories their bodies tell them about disease. Its revealing content not only exceeded my expectations, but I also experienced the benefits of her M.O. Technique when dealing with a strained back.

Although Maureen Minnehan-Jones is still shopping for the right publisher for her book Body Stories, we can access Maureen’s wisdom right now.

She has posted a recording of a recent presentation at Body Stories. I found her discussion of Alzheimer’s disease and Ronald Reagan especially intriguing. Check it out!


2 responses to “Stories Our Bodies Tell Us

  1. I am curious. Was this book ever published? Interesting idea!

    • nonfictioneditor

      This book has been renamed to Modus Operandi: Wisdom to Wellness. The author and her agent is submitting it to a publisher shortly — cross your fingers that it will fly. It’s recently been revised and re-editing. Very strong book.
      The author’s website is
      Check it out.

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