Tips on How to Keep Writing a Blog

By Quinn McDonald
Writing for a blog isn’t hard. Ahhh, writing good articles for a blog is hard. And so is writing good stuff consistently. I’ve read a lot of blogs (and so have you) that start out wonderfully-interesting articles every day. Then it slips to three times a week, then once a week, or once a month, and one time when you open the blog, it’s about what the blogger had for breakfast, then lunch. . . and a sad decline continues.
Once you’ve written about the ideas at the front of your mind, how do you continue? Here are 8 ways.
1. Pick something you know a lot about.
2. Write down your ideas.
3. Find books, music on the theme.
4. Create a tutorial.
5. Illustrate your idea or story.
6. Interview a friend/expert.
7. Have a guest write for you.
8. Create a list of links.

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(c) 2008 by speaker/trainer/coach Quinn McDonald


One response to “Tips on How to Keep Writing a Blog

  1. Hi Barbara, I have been told that if I could get in the habbit of writing blogs (what ever they are) I would eventually have many people visiting my Beachbody website. I initially say your work when I was reading your article on Jessica ( I am a retired airline pilot). What an amazing feat or should I say feet. I think though that anything that you are not good at is an amazing feat when you overcome it. I had some good stories of how I came to be a US Airforce, US Army, and then finally airline pilot. I almost didn’t get out of high school let along taking 8 years in college for my 4 yr degree. Like Jessica, I think it is if you want it bad enough and are willing to keep at something until you succed many people would be places that they are not now because we have a tendency to quit too early. Sorry for the spelling, that was not my favorite subject. I will read your full article and practice and figure out the blogging thing. Eric PS. Thanks for doing the article on Jessica!

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