Jessica Now Licensed to Fly “With My Own Two Feet”

After her successful solo flight last May, Jessica Cox proved the sky is no limit when she earned her Sport Pilot license flying an Ercoupe plane with only her feet. Jessica was born without arms 25 years ago.

On October 10, FAA examiner Terry Brandt gave Jessica the thumbs-up on her check ride at the San Manuel Airport, just outside Tucson. “I showed him my best. After we got up in the air, the wind shifted and we hit some turbulence, but I flew through it just fine,” said Jessica.

When Jessica did a particularly good job on a short field landing, the examiner complimented her, saying, “Nice landing.”

Greeted with hugs from her parents William and Inez Cox, and enthusiastic spectators Jack McIntyre, Jack Traweek, Dave Knudson, as well as another FFA examiner, Jessica beamed, “I gave my best performance ever!”

Jessica Cox puts on her headset.

Jessica Cox puts on her headset.


104 responses to “Jessica Now Licensed to Fly “With My Own Two Feet”

  1. Way to go Jessica! You are an inspirations!

  2. When I was very young (almost 60 years ago and I’m 64 now) my dad and I would sometimes fly an Ercoupe. I remember that I loved that airplane, though I haven’t flown (or even flown in) an Ercoupe since. And I have over 2000 hours as a pilot. Congrats on your license, Jessica!

    • I have an Ercoupe, N2963H, and it was so wonderful and inspirational to see you fly in one, too! I teach & shared your story with my class. Way to go on the pilot’s license! It is something to be very proud of.

  3. Shmuel Shimshoni

    The first thing that comes to my mind while reading about your solo flight experience – “What a wonderful feet!!!”

  4. Aren’t clouds grand, Jessica?

    Happy landings, Darlin’,


  5. Jessica, that’s a fantastic accomplishment! I hope to see you again when I’m in Phoenix at the next NSA event. I remember our fun dinner we had a few years ago. You’re a great inspiration.

  6. I am so impressed with your fantastic accomplishment. You are truly an amazing person.

  7. Jessica,
    You are an inspiration to everyone, proving what can be done if you try hard enough. I’ve heard that flying an airplane is approximately seven times as complex as driving a car. Because of this, getting a pilot’s license is an accomplishment that most people wouldn’t even attempt.
    Best of luck,
    EAA #626493
    AOPA #01369878

    Always happy landings

  9. Jessica,

    What an American role model you are! As a pilot myself, I am always trying to get others interested in the wonderful world of aviation but hear so often from them, “I just don’t think I could do it.” I will use your story to hopefully inspire them. I wonder how many people silently said to themselves that they didn’t think you could do it either. But I’m sure they were only the people that didn’t know you well. Those that know you well had no doubts. Keep inspiring others, you are blessed so much more than many of us and, for some reason, I think you know it.

  10. Jessica, tus logros me emocionan hasta las lagrimas, tu eres un gran ejemplo para millones de personas en todo el mundo, de que todo se puede hacer cuando uno pone empeno y sacrificio, exitos y un gran abrazo de corazon

  11. Jessica,

    Congratulations on gaining your pilots licence, That really is a brilliant achievment, You are a great inspiration to others. There has been some people that have started to learn to fly and have given up for various reasons, But you did it, Great, Keep on flying.
    Graham Vaughan PPL&UK & USA

  12. Hello Jessica,
    I’m french, and I passed the Private Pilot License test two days ago, but compared to your test, I think mine was a piece of cake ! Seriously, you are impressive. I would say that it’s not *that* easy with two hands, so I’m very impressed about what you did ! Please let me send you my best congratulations 🙂
    Best regards,

  13. Congratulations Jessica; Happy flying, and remember to always make as many safe landings as take-offs.
    From Don and Dee at Nature’s Hideaway.

  14. Hi Jessica

    Fighting to odds is always something i encourage.

    I’m very impressed and happy for you.

    If you swing by the bay area I’ll take you for a bay tour, we don’t have ercoupe but we’ll manage.



  15. Ben Lyons ( Ireland)

    Congratulations Jessicia,
    I am very impressed with your acievement. I am the proud owner of a ercoupe myself and I am fully aware of how difficult they are to fly. If you are ever in Ireland it would be a privlidge to meet you.

  16. Ron & Linda Love

    Congratuations Jessica,

    We, Ercoupers are proud of you! If you ever get to Missouri, stop in and see us. We have a 1900 foot turf runway in southwest MO. Timberline Airpark O2MU. Happy flying.

    Ron & Linda Love

  17. I am familiar with the area you live. I got my private at Ryan and did my instrument at TIA. I thought I had hurdles. After flying for more than 10 years, I lost a leg to an industrial accident. People thought I was crazy for wanting to still fly. They don’t understand the love of flying, or how it might just be the motivation we need to do better. I remember the long road of learning to walk again. I remember the seemingly endless flight to Scottsdale to get the demonstrated ability waiver, and the many months it took to just get the appointment. I thought I had overcome something that few could. But having been through that, and understanding the hurdles, all I can say is “Good for you!” My motto is this, “Your body will adjust, if you allow it to happen.” When I step out of my airplane wearing shorts, people always ask questions and make comments. I just explain my love of flying, and that it was the flying that aided in my recovery. I know how tough it was for me to re-earn my priveledge of flight. I just can’t imagine the stories you must have. If you ever want someone to speak beside you, or help with your journey, I would be honored. I fly to Nogales sometimes and would love to meet you on one of our trips. “Good Job” doesn’t even begin to express my happiness for you, or the congratulations you deserve. I truly understand your love of flying as my childhood stories are similar. (I never dreamed of being super woman.) I fly back to Arizona a few times each year and would be glad to fly somewhere with you to get a burger or just talk with you. Let me know.


  18. Congratulations, Jessica,
    As an early wheelchair pilot (1971), I can appreciate the obstacles you’ve overcome. If you are ever in the Modesto, CA area, I have a friend with an Ercoupe who I know would give you a tour of the area.

    Keep the blue side up!!

  19. Jessica,
    Fantastic story. I am a pilot who flys out of KTUS and KRYN. Perhaps I’ll see you around.

  20. I have a pilot certificate too, and what you have done brings tears of joy for you to my eyes and soul! You are such an inspiration and an example to always keep in mind when facing difficult things ahead.

    You bless us all!


  21. I am so proud to be a pilot with you and people of your caliber . I own a beechcraft but the ercoupe has always been one of my favorites .And hope to buy one some day .More manufactures should use it’s design . Great plane .

    Please take care , and do more interviews so we can follow your adventures .

    Wishing you the best of luck . Mark

  22. Gunther Koblmiller


    I read about your accomplishments in AOPA magazine. You are a truly amazing person.
    If you ever out in the Bay Area I would be privileged to meet you – I fly out of C83. Congratulations to your success.


  23. Oh My God! That is so awesome. You can be an astronaut now! Go for it! Hats off..

  24. I’ll fly with you anytime.

    Are you ready to try helicopters?

  25. Jessica,

    “Actions speak louder that words”.

    Your determination and accomplishments are an inspiration to all of us.

    Keep on flying.

  26. Jessica, you are amazing!! What an inspiration you must be to everyone you encounter! I am a right arm amputee and I thought I had it rough! I lost my arm, above the elbow, only weeks out of flight school. It took me a year to get my demonstraited ability waiver and get back to full time flight instruction. I passed my multi-commercial instrument ride in February 2005. If you ever get to Hershey, PA, check out Reigle Airport (58N) and tell ‘um to give me a shout!!

    God Bless!!


  27. Way to go Jessica. Your story is a true inspiration to all, especially those of us who fly.

    This is a lesson to all of us to never give up on our dreams, no matter what obstacles need to be overcome.

    I wish you huge success in the future.

    From one addicted Pilot to another. “Congrats!”

    Safe, and Happy Flying,

    Steve F.

  28. Our Dearest Jessica, your exemplary courage, and tenacity make you a leader that can lead by example. Your exhibited outstanding results in the cockpit as well as in both the athletic and academic arenas, are a reflection of your time tested patience and will power. A virtue, to be admired by all. In your relatively young life, you have fine tuned and solidified your God given gifts to make you a highly formidable leader who will continue to motivate, stimulate, and bring others to positive levels well beyond their fears,and societies sometimes gloomy expectations. I have hope and faith, as an occupational therapist and a private pilot that you will make a difference in the lives of many that will hear of your deeds and causes. As you go through life’s journey with a smile. Please remember to keep on smiling, just as God has smiled and shines on you…..

  29. Jessica,
    Fantastic accomplishment, congratulations from a fellow Ercoupe pilot.
    Whats next ? you go girl !!!!

    My Best Regards,
    Kevin N2583H

  30. Johannes Martin

    Well done Jessica! You are an Eagle soaring above turkeys!!! It is my pleasure to be a member of the aviation family with you. I hope your amazing life continues to inspire others for decades to come. I hope to meet U on a tarmac someday! -Joe- A&P Stupid…I mean Student Pilot 😀

  31. Jessica, you are my hero! You are the most incredible human being I have ever seen!
    Best regards,

  32. Congratulations, Jessica!

    My husband has been a pilot for many years. I started lessons but my foot slipped while visually checking the fuel and broke my foot. Before I got my requirements completed, my written expired. Needless to say, I never did get my license.

    There is a lot of truth in ole saying “when there is a will, there is a way”. You definitely prove that.

    Good luck and May God Bless You.

  33. Congratulations on what can be said as a huge acheivment. Not with flying with your feet but with getting the FAA to even consider such an ability. Well done

  34. Jessica:

    When we first met at NSA University – was it 4 years ago – I thought you were amazing. Not just what you are able to to, but the powerful positive attitude that radiates from you, the fabulous energy, and the can do spirit. Now I don’t just think it. I know it.

    Enjoy your time in the clouds!

    Joan Koerber-Walker

  35. Jessica,
    You are awe inspiring! It took me 20 years to get my license to fly and I only flew in Arizona once. It scared me, I’m use to flying in very populated areas. You are amazing in all that you do.

  36. Hi, I learned about you, Jes, in a forwarded message: “Without Hands (Inspirations)”. I search about you in the web. You must be thankful with your parents who raised you with great discipline. You are on your with very great spirit! You inspired me so much. God Bless you all the way.

  37. Just read about you in Sport Aviation, as a pilot myself, I can’t even begin to understand how you do it … Bravo my dear! I have also since finding your website, read some of the blogs, fortunately most of them positive. I just couldn’t believe that one person said your story was old and another was criticizing your choice in friends. Shame on those mindless a**holes!
    Have you ever thought of being an astronaut?

  38. May God continue to use you as a blessing to others. Mabuhay!

  39. Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth,
    And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
    Sunward I’ve climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth
    Of sun-split clouds, –and done a hundred things
    You have not dreamed of –Wheeled and soared and swung
    High in the sunlit silence. Hov’ring there
    I’ve chased the shouting wind along, and flung
    My eager craft through footless halls of air…
    Up, up the long, delirious, burning blue
    I’ve topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace
    Where never lark or even eagle flew —
    And, while with silent lifting mind I’ve trod
    The high untrespassed sanctity of space,
    Put out my foot, and touched the face of God.

  40. Dear Jess,
    It is great… no words is enough express the the feelings, yes clouds are there to cheer you

  41. Welcome to the world of aviation.
    Congratulations on your Sport Pilot liscence.
    Life is about the people we meet so enjoy your flying and accomplishments.

  42. eres una mujer con que nos dejas sin palabras eres una obra de dios reflejado en las virtudes y valiente gracias por dejarnos verte

  43. eres una mujer maravillosa nos deja sin palabras nos levantas el animo gracias dios esta reflejado en ti

  44. Hey Jessica, congrats on your huge accomplishment. I recently earned my private after (no lie) 16 years of on and off effort. You are an inspiration to everyone who flies or wants to fly irregardless of your other challenges. When you add the fact that you pushed through all the barriers that all of us pilots have dealt with minus your arms the resulting story is absolutely amazing. I have flown with your instructor Parrish Traweek in his piper commanche while we were in Grad school together. I’m so glad you found such a good guy to help you through the process. A good mentor like that is priceless in the aviation world. Thanks for sharing your story with everyone.

    Clayton Lynch

  45. Jessica!

    You are an inspiration not only for the youth, but for all women.

    You taught the world a lesson that what God takes away from one-kind, God gives strength elsewhere. No hands, your feet was and is your strength.

    You also taught the world that mankind should make the best out of their own essence, their own skills.

    I will never say I can’t physically and mentally)

    I live in a part of the world(Lebanon) where there are alot of social and economic problems, where the youth and elderly feel internal insecurity and where some citizen’s have lost faith in their country and feel counter-productive in the labour force and in their social relations. I hope that we as Lebanese can use the moral of your to project positive conceptions about ourselves and our countrt rather project negative thoughts and strive to destroy each other.

    You have proved that the mind is a positive tool. There are tonnes of studies that have proven how positive thoughts prolong life

  46. Jessica;
    Congradulations on your flying accomplishments. Your attitude and spirit are truely an inspiration to everyone that comes in contact with you. It would be both an honor and an inspiration to have the pleasure to meet you some day. I hope that you continue your flying adventures. I myself frequent the San Pedro river valley in my own flying adventures nearly every weekend, operating out of Benson Municipal Airport. Hope to see you in southern Arizona skies someday, and maybe you’ll rock your wings at me. Be safe and happy landings, Stephen, N714KU (red, white, and blue Cessna 150M)

  47. Great job, Jessica. I was in the Ag flying business for many years and worked with a pilot with one leg and one with one eye. Both super pilots! Best of luck to you and keep the blue side up. Bill Provine

  48. I am speechless for your greatest achievement. Be blessed.

  49. We humans don’t know that we are awsome until we try, this lady is an example that we can do it all if we try hard even without arms!

    Greetings from Kansas!

  50. Hi Jessica, I’ve shared your inspirational story with the Burmese refugee women & children I teach and they have been completely touched and inspired by you. Indeed Nothing is Impossible… thanks for your gift of YOU 🙂

  51. A W E S O M E

  52. Hi Jessica,

    Way to go, Girl. You are an inspiration that transcends all ages and genders.

    I have recommended you to a principal friend of mine who would be blessed to have to come and speak to her students. Assuming you are avaiable, and if needing transportation, simply email me. It will be a great pleasure to have you as my copilot.

  53. Stephen Insalaco

    People keep coming by my cube to review the newspaper article and pictures that I have posted on my cubicle partition about you, and they continue to be amazed by your motivation and inspirational powers. You just keep turning heads. Way to go, young lady.

  54. Jayson George

    Hi jes
    Its wonderful to know people like you … Truely motivating others , to understand our weakness and to overcome … Truely Amazing …
    Nice to people like you ….

  55. raaisyah mohamed hanafiah

    i’m so proud with u..MALAYSIA BOLEH!

  56. Jessica:
    I teach pilot special certification to newly hired Aviation Safety Inspectors at the FAA academy which includes the special medical flight test for pilots with loss of extremities and other physical shortcomings. I’ll be sure to provide my next class with your website as an example of the strength of the human spritit and the challenges overcome by an an amazing young lady. Congratulations on your new pilot certificate, Jessica. Well done!

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  58. Great Job! My friend from Tucson, told me about you. I hope you enjoy flying as much as I have for the past 52 years.

  59. Bertha Canache

    Jessica….it’s a wonderful gift to know about you…..from now on there is not a thing that I want to reach that I won`t get….you are my inspiration and my best life example….I don’t know you….but I love you for the great woman you are…..I am 55 years old and live in Venezuela, south América

  60. hozef darukhanawala

    dear jessica,
    birds are free to fly, to see the worlds beauty at a single sight….. a line from my poem written during my college days. I day have no words to express what i feel. .. your achievement… that great.
    Me too without both my lower limbs… achieved great things in life. .. taken it all in my stride.
    You shall remain as a great inspiration. wish you all happiness.

  61. Beatriz Figueroa

    Hola felicitaciones Jessica eso es un ejemplo que nos la vida que hay que vivir a pesar de las adversidades que se nos presente, luchar y perseverar es la clave, así nos veamos en el piso a levantarnos y seguir luchando por la vida que es tan bella. Saludos…

  62. jesica
    muchas felicidades eres un ejemplo a seguir , te admiro mucho

  63. Jessica, congratulation you are a big inspiration keep that it up. God is so perfect he gave you an oportunity instead of a disability, you are his channel to touch people´s heart and give hope.

    If there is anything I can do for you from the distance please let me know.

    Regards from El Salvador, Central America

  64. jasus alberto vergara toro

    jessica ….mis mas cinceras felicitaciones eres un gran ejemplo de superacion………te mereces lo mejor sigue asi disfrutando la vida……..

  65. Francisco Cincuegrani

    Bravo Jesicca !!!! Circunstancialmente llegó a mi correo información sobre tu hazaña. Es un ejemplo de que todo se puede lograr en la vida cuando hay decisión y esfuerzo.
    Sos un camino a seguir !!!
    Tandil – REpublica Aregntina

  66. Hi jessica, my sister sent me an email message and there you were..all i can say is thank you for living..I am so inspired by you, that I wish I can meet you some day…be blessed y de nuevo gracias por vivir..gio

  67. I Am From El Salvador Central America.

    And I wish you all the bkess from GOD to you and your parent’s.

    You are my inspiration, and all my fellowships of my church , they send you their love and wish you many happiness.
    sorry for my english

    Dr. Norma Orellana
    Church Pastor

  68. jessica doy gracias a DIOS por que puedes tocar el cielo y mucho mas eres digna de admirar y me has dejado muy motivada . pues yo quiero tocar el cielo por mi hijita de solo 7 años y tiene sus manos es toda completica pero no se pude mover de su cama ,ni tan siquiera puede decirme mama´como tu lo puedes hacer. sufro mucho por mi hija .que DIOS TE BENDIGA MUCHO

  69. Héctor Valtierra

    Jessica, es usted una bendición e inspiración para quienes tenemos la oportunidad de conocer su historia, se convierte en nuestra obligación superar los obstáculos de la vida siendo personas completas en cuanto a nuestro cuerpo, pero la diferencia que muestra usted es la actitud, su ejemplo de vida transforma nuestras vidas, nos enseña que no hay límites para volar y tocar el cielo.
    Gracias por su sonrisa y su mirada llena de alegría y determinación.

  70. Hola Jessica
    Recibi una reflexion tuya y sabes justo en el momento porque estoy realizando un gran proyecto y me estas dando un gran testimonio
    de que no tengo p[orque temer que Dios te bendiga me gustaria conocerte personalmente
    que pudieras venir a Mexico
    Recibe Cordiales Saludos Bendiciones
    Olga Medina
    Tijuana B.C. Mexico

  71. hola jessica cox

    mi nombre es Francia Elena de Florida Valle, colombia. soy una persona en situacion de discapacidad y me alegra poder saber de usted, hasta hoy vi su diapositiva que fue enviada a un amigos y con la direccion que alli aparecia de inmediato sin pensarlo dos veces entre a su pagina para poder saber mas de usted. ojala pueda llegar a tener respuesta a este comentario y estar en contacto y asi poder contarle un poco mas de mi y yo de usted de sus experiencias. mil felicidades, que Dios la bendiga siempre.

  72. francisco gonzalez

    hola, jessica eres una persona magica llena de mucha inspiracion te felicito por llegar tan lejos y motivar muchos como a mi persona. DIOS te bendiga siempre y gracias por existir

  73. Hola Jessica sabes una mujer digna de admirar por que nos enseña a todos que en la vida todo es posible de verdad muchas felicidades y existos en tu carrera al leer el diario del dia vi tu portada cuidate mucho y me gustaria ser tu amiga a distancia que dios te bendiga y este es mi correo jacke

  74. Hola Jessica sabes eres una mujer digna de admirar por que nos enseña a todos que en la vida todo es posible de verdad muchas felicidades y existos en tu carrera al leer el diario del dia vi tu portada cuidate mucho y me gustaria ser tu amiga a distancia que dios te bendiga y este es mi correo jacke

  75. Very inspirational. I was having doubts about a couple things in my life, but it helped seeing you. If you ever make it to the SF area you can fly my Ercoupe.

  76. Jessica, vc nasceu inluminada por Deus, que deu a vc essa capacidade de viver fazendo tudo que que tem vontade.
    Quanto tem mitos seres humando que todos os membro não tem a capacidade de fazer nem uma pequena parte do que vc faqz

  77. Jessica, você nasceu inluminada por Deus, e essas imagens que foi divulgada é para servir como exemplo para muitas pessoas que tem todos os membro e não tem a capacidade de fazer nem uma pequena parte do que vc e capaz

  78. Desde Argentina te mando un reconocimiento por toda tu superacxión, empeño y ganas de vivir que tenés. Realmente cuando se quiere, se puede, y vos lo hiciste. Un gran saludo .

  79. franklin marquez

    jessica when i read about you, i felt very little. frankly, i do not have any reasons to compain from now on. congratulation for all thing you do. You should be a mdel for every one

  80. gracias a dios por mandar angeles como tu a enseñarnos con o sin brazos se puede llegar muy lejos gracias.

  81. Dear Jessica,
    Most of people that, physically is apparently “normal”, are not as brave as you showed when of conquering the challenges treats itself.
    I wish you the best things in life. I really would like to have your determination in life!
    Sincerely, Carolina (Lima-Perú, South America)

  82. Jéssica,


    You are one of the most beautiful people I have seen in my life!
    I remembered another person : Tony Melendèz…
    I’m from Brazil, and I sent a message about you to my friends .

    You are an example to us, to everybody.



  83. Dear Jessica,

    You are absolutely a example for everyone in the world. I have met many people with everything sleeping all day long. You showed for the world when we want, we can do.

    Barbara, thanks for this moment.

    I’m from Brazil.


  84. Jess
    your story it’s a big exemple for all of us because without arms you could change your future GOD BLESS YOU and soon you will have a Family and kids just give your plans to God and pray it will came true

  85. My 7 year old Godson and I watched the TLC show last night featuring Jessica, and all I can say is WOW! What an inspiration to all. Thank you for sharing your story. I was especially interested because I am a private pilot, and was very amazed at your ability to adapt to flying. Great job….

  86. Congratulations!!! As a fellow pilot with about 300 hours (and who just got signed off in a 1946 Ercoupe last week) I am more than impressed!!! People like YOU are the real role-models to whom people should look and NOT rappers, etc. I have 2 daughters who both love flying – I will show them your videos as the best example of what they can do without hiding behind self-imposed limitations or behind what others may say is not possible!

    God bless you, Jessica – you are a inspiration to more people than you may possibly know and a genuine hero of mine! If you are ever around Danbury, CT (DXR), it would be my privilege and pleasure to fly with you!



  87. u inspire me jessica,,im a student pilot in the philippines and wanted that license very much…ill go on with what i dreamed of,,thank u very much for sharing your story,,happy landings:)

  88. Ferrero Diana FEWP

    Dear Jessica,

    I expect your mail.
    Welcome to Europe !
    We would like to meet you in June
    Your friends Swiss flying ladies

  89. Ferrero Diana FEWP

    We love you and expect you in Europe!
    FEWP President

  90. Welcome to the rare and wonderful brother and sisterhood of being a licensed airman (woman). Allow me a chance to say to you exactly what was told to me when I earned my license…nice job, now get your instrument rating. It’ll make you a safer pilot, once you learn the instrument environment; even if you never intend to operate in the instrument environment!

  91. Maria Eliza De Oliveira Fares

    Dear Jessica, I from Brazil , I live in small city in São Paulo State, and I loved to know everything about you in a very hard moment in my life, when a doctor said that I had Multiple Myeloma ( Bone Marrow Cancer). Reading articles about you…it was like God whispering in my ears that the end everything would be right, because He gave you the chance to overcome all your difficulties and I understood that He would do the same for me. Five ago , I made a transplant…and I ‘m five months old now( I’m like a baby rsrsrsss) ,but I’m ok. Thanks to take part of my life and share your beautifil life with me. I expect your e-mail. God bless you.. Your Brazilian friend,Eliza

  92. Congratulations on your huge accomplishment of earning a sport pilot certificate. What an inspiring story. I wish they woud bring your story on the National News. You are a great American. If you ever come to NY/NJ we would love to have you come and visit with us.

    Frank & Hildegard Zimmer

  93. While watching the Crystal cathedral morning service of 28th February in my room, I surely uttered the words – wonders never cease. Jessy, what are you made of? THESE ARE SURELY THE LORD,S DOINGS WHICH ARE MARVELLOUS IN OUR EYES. I live in KENYA.

  94. hi jessica im a mexican and write this msj four you
    ammm i thing well you are a beautiful person and don´t wourry for the love you are a exelent person strong inteligent etc ok and my inglish is so bad jajaja i nedd more lesions and good bay
    no busques el amor el amor llegara a ti
    buena suerte

  95. You have proven to millions disabilities are not life ending, just life enduring. There is no bridge too far or task too great for someone who has THAROS -the courage to follow the right path, and concur fears, and never allow people to keep you from reaching your full potential.

    Congratulations on your accomplishments. My God always be your co-pilot.

    Ex-USAF Jet Fighter Instructor

  96. congratulations for winning!
    God bless you

  97. Iam basically a teac her,iam really enlightened by seeing your pictures and videos.My students acheived an excited state by seeing you in the net.It is really great..Kindly send me some videos if it is possible
    Thank you
    Biju K S

  98. I anm basically a teacher my students are delighted and enlihtened by seeing your pictures and video.I know it is almost impossible to come over in India for a motivational class from you.But if i could have some videos and speachs from you it was really ….I am expecting your early replay
    Truely yours
    Biju K S

  99. Jessica, you’re amazing!!! God Bless you and your family.

  100. orlando correia de araújo

    Ola, Jessica!

    I’m from Brazil, São Paulo City.
    You know the secret to be happy!
    Do you want fly over São Paulo City?

    You are so fantastic woman!



  102. I’m very impressed! I saw your picture in our flight training course closing an aeroplane overhead hinged door with your foot. It’s obvious you don’t let anything stop you from achieving your goals! I think you’d be great as a motivational speaker because you set such an outstanding example. You’ve inspired me to put in extra effort to study and practice to get my private pilot’s license! I think you are an inspiration of what the human spirit can achieve under difficult circumstances and proof that attitude is the most important factor determining success. I Wish you lots of fun in your expanding endeavours!

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