Jessica Still Flying in Media Skies

What an exciting time for Jessica Cox.


More and more folks in the media world are touting her accomplishment of earning her sports pilot’s license. Why is this remarkable? This 25-year-old motivational speaker and newly licensed pilot accomplished all this without having arms. She uses her feet to fly a plane and drive a car.

In December, Jessica appeared as a celebrity guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and was featured in an article in AOPA ePilot (for aircraft owners and pilots) . She appeared on  Inside Edition and was touted in the Tucson Citizen. Here’s the clip from Fox and Friends on her recent appearance there. 

Wonder what January will bring.




2 responses to “Jessica Still Flying in Media Skies

  1. jessica flying over the world.Amazing life story.jessica cox

  2. dan gottschall

    i am impressed with your abilites
    i am a Parkison servivor
    i like to prove people wrong when they tell me i can’t do something
    good luck and tell the world you’re not perfect,, just capable at what you set your sights on

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