Wave-of-the-Future Way to Write Your Book

By The Dating Goddess

Dating Goddess

Dating Goddess

Several years ago, I decided the best way to write my next book was via blog postings. I will probably never write another book the old way-sitting down at the computer and writing without any input from the target market until it’s complete.

I made the commitment to write every day. Some days the 400-1000 words flowed easily. I even had a backlog of future postings to write. Some days I wrote 2 or 3 postings, uploading them and pre-dating them for the subsequent days’ release.

But some days it was drudgery and I would be writing at 11:30 trying to beat my self-imposed midnight deadline.

But write I did. Every day. For 2.5 years.

The benefits of writing your book via a blog are many:

* Through your readers’ comments, you get immediate feedback from your target market on what they think of your ideas.
* By watching your stats, you see which topics are of most interest to your target and you can write more like it.
* You see what search terms brought you to your blog, so you can then write to those topics.
* You get media attention and therefore are dubbed an expert even before the book is released.
* You have a built-in market clambering to buy your book when it’s released, even though they may have read many of the postings. Especially if you do a print-on-demand hard book, they’ll want an autographed copy.

The hardest part was deciding to release not just one book, but 13. Since I had so much content, culling it down to one felt stingy. So I crafted the “Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40” series of 13 books, ranging from 100 to 228 pages. Plus I created a 141-page bonus book of articles with 11 other experts for the gift with purchase. And I pulled together a 74-page “thank you” eBook for mailing list sign ups by taking one posting from each of the 13 books, which also works to sell the books.

Go to http://www.DatingGoddess.com to see the results. Finally, after years of figuring out how to turn my blog postings into a book, I’ve released the 13 Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40 books, plus 2 compilation books. If you’re interested, details are at http://www.DatingGoddess.com


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