Idyllic Greek Writers Workshop May 2010

I want to tempt you with an extraordinary invitation to an idyllic writers workshop in late May and early June in beautiful Greece-any genre can apply!

Called Astra Writing in Greece, it’s an 11-day program that begins and ends in Athens, and features a 7-day sojourn through the rugged interior of the Peloponnese to the seaside village of Elika. The week in Elika is punctuated by an overnight stay in a fortified medieval town-Mont-Saint-Michel of Greece, home of the renowned poet Yannis Ritsos.

 You’ll visit museums and historic sites, including the Acropolis and Benaki Museum in Athens and the Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil in Sparta.

 You’ll engage daily in at least two hours of guided and independent writing with authors Thordis Sorensen (Dancing Girl) and Meredith Hall (Without a Map).

 You’ll work on threshing floors, in ancient courtyards, on beaches, and on the terrace of a seaside chapel reached by a 90-minute walk along a coastal trail.

 You’ll meet each day at sunset to reflect on your travel experience and share the writing it generated.

 Astra Writing in Greece offers a balance between structure and spontaneity, activity and serenity, society and solitude.

Act quickly. Having lived in Greece for 5 years, I know what a great place it is-and this idyllic workshop experience tops it all!

For full details and an application form, visit


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