Writing Wisdom from Top-selling Author Mary LoVerde

by Mary LoVerde

There are two very distinct skills necessary to create an article or book: writing and editing. Just as you cannot throw the ball and catch it at the same time, you can’t write effectively if you are also trying to edit. Tell the little critic who sits on your shoulder while you are composing that you need him/her very much — just NOT RIGHT NOW. You will pass the mouse to him/her as soon as you are ready and s/he can fix all the mistakes. Your little creative self will appreciate the consideration.

When I write a book, I make a list of what I want in each chapter. For example:

a story
something funny
a quote
a statistic
an unusual anecdote
a business example
a personal example
a metaphor or simile
a ritualistic way of closing the chapter
Then I take different colored pens and mark the manuscript. At a glance I can easily see if I go several pages without being funny, have too many personal stories or not enough statistics. This method helps keep me on track as I edit each chapter.

Mary LoVerde, speaker and author on life balance also coaches colleagues on authorship and how to become a corporate spokesperson. http://www.MaryLoVerde.com


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