Bloggers, Take Heed: Succinct, Friendly Ebook Model of Clear Writing

Are you, like me,  fumbling around trying to make sense of the blogging world?

Daniel Scocco grabbed me with his title Make Money Blogging, then engaged me with his easy-to-read primer about blogging. Succinct, yet friendly, this 54-page ebook holds your hand through its four chapters, leading you to the last chapter on monetizing your blog based on the stepping stones he laid.

Why this approach? He wants readers to be prepared for stepping into making money, not racing unprepared to the finish line. While reading it, I caught myself thinking “oh, that’s how it works” a number of times … several times before I reached the  chapter that promised rewards.  A big thumbs up to Daniel for this well-written walk through the forest of blogging possibilities.

A few of my aha’s along the way:

p. 3-54   Boy, this layout is easy to follow with lots of rooms to take notes – well designed! Good model for other ebooks.

p. 15 – explanation of GoggleAds KeyWord Tracker (didn’t know it existed!)

p. 21 – where to go to gain blog HTML and CSS tutorial help ( and

p. 22 – priorities of what you want your readers to do while on your blog (my priorities aren’t obvious – and now I know it!)

The last one alone was well worth the price of admission–which is free if you sign up for Daniel’s ezine Daily Blogging Tips at
It seems that putting out the ebook itself proved to be both a valuable Daily Blog Tip plus an excellent marketing model rolled into one. 

Barbara’s two cents!







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