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Judy Cullins’s Big Three Marketing Machine

by Judy Cullins (reprinted with permission)

Would you just love to have a 24/7 sales team automatically working to brand you as the go to person in your field so you don’t have to even leave your office? Would you like to see how your eBook, special report, and articles make up part of what I call “The Big Three Marketing Machine”? Open your mind to discover the great power of these now.

One. The Short eBook

I believe in quality, so put some effort into your book to build your reputation and credibility to be the expert in your field.

Your ebook can be anywhere from 20-100 pages of a similar topic as your article and special report. It has sections or chapters. Each nonfiction book chapter will have a title and sub-title reflecting the particular problem you will solve. For each chapter, you will use the “Fast-Forward Writing Technique” ( Ch 2 or my writing book) that is a blueprint for creating an engaging chapter with just one edit.

Don’t undercharge for your eBook. Many Online buyers are willing to pay a lot for specific skills. Charge $14.95-$79.00, even more, depending on what you think your audience will pay. If they need it, or think they must have it because of an emotional need, you will sell your books at any price. eCourses can sell for even $100 or $400.

Don’t worry about stealing. You won’t lose anything. Think of your electronic pieces as library books, borrowed by some, bought by many. At the end of each book, list all of your other reports, books or services with a live URL to click. Include even your ezine link to subscribe. When shared online, the battalions of web users–your mighty 24/7 sales force—will read your words and pass them on, keeping your information in the buzz and making you famous. If not famous, at least financially well off. Smile.

If you have a print book, it can also be part of this powerful team.You can build an eBook from articles or you can create articles from your eBook.

Two. The Special Report

Expand your article with stories, examples, and resources to create your new Special Report. Create 4-20 pages of specific information your audience wants. Charge $6.95-$10.95 or more for this report. Upload your sales message and product link to as a landing page on your site. Be willing to give this away as a special bonus for some of your more expensive products or services.

Today, in the year a low economy, we repackaged a lot of different products. We called them “Recession Specials” that included teleseminar transcripts, MP3 audios of teleseminars, and parts from longer books updated as Special Reports. We priced them low at $6.95 and the sales have been amazing. At the end of each of these, we put opportunities to buy my other related products or services (the upsell).

Three. The Article

The article is the key to branding you and getting that targeted free traffic to your website. Make sure you submit 1-2 a week consistently. This shows you as the trusted mentor, the “go to” person, the expert in your field. It attracts your audience to you because they know you know something they want or need. Attraction marketing works.

When your audience sees your articles, they know you are the savvy expert; they start to trust you because of the volume of quality articles you submit; and they visit your site and start to buy products from it.

That’s the great power of the BIG THREE Marketing Machine!

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Where to Use Your Book Cover to Market Your Book

10 Places You May Not Have Considered

Susan Kendrick

I had an interesting conversation today with a self publishing author whose back cover copy we just finalized.
This author has good marketing sense, a great book, his gorgeous new front cover, and an innovative way of looking at things. So, we were both surprised when I suggested that he use his front cover on one side of his new business card for his medical practice, and he said he had never thought of that. He said this was the solution to the question that’s been running through his mind–how to mention his book on his card.

But why just mention your book when you can show it?

This was just his particular blind spot, But, we all have them, so I thought it would be a good idea to create a list of the places you can use your book’s front cover to get as much visibility for your book, your brand, and your credibility as a published (or soon-to-be-published) author as possible.

Now that this author has his completed front cover (title, subtitle, tagline, and design) and his back cover copy in hand, he can start promoting and building buzz for this book while he’s completing it. One of the first things he’s going to do is use his new front cover and back cover copy to approach the people from whom he most wants to get endorsements. We can then add these endorsement to the back cover (where we have left room) before his book and cover go through final production and printing.

As he gets the rest of his book publishing and book marketing efforts going, here are the places he can use his book cover to get the most visibility on a daily basis. Whether you have a new book on the way or have already published a book, consider using these ideas, too.

10 Places to Use Your Book Front Cover:

_ Signature on your emails
_ Your business card and letterhead
_ Each page of your website
_ Your blog
_ Your comments on other blogs
_ With articles you submit to online newsletters
_ In the package you send out to get testimonials
_ Each page of your book’s media kit
_ Your speaker one sheet

_ ANY place in your social networking profiles where you are currently using your own photo
Happy Book Publishing!

Susan Kendrick, Write to Your Market, Inc. All Rights Reserved., 1-888-634-4120.