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Bloggers, Take Heed: Succinct, Friendly Ebook Model of Clear Writing

Are you, like me,  fumbling around trying to make sense of the blogging world?

Daniel Scocco grabbed me with his title Make Money Blogging, then engaged me with his easy-to-read primer about blogging. Succinct, yet friendly, this 54-page ebook holds your hand through its four chapters, leading you to the last chapter on monetizing your blog based on the stepping stones he laid.

Why this approach? He wants readers to be prepared for stepping into making money, not racing unprepared to the finish line. While reading it, I caught myself thinking “oh, that’s how it works” a number of times … several times before I reached the  chapter that promised rewards.  A big thumbs up to Daniel for this well-written walk through the forest of blogging possibilities.

A few of my aha’s along the way:

p. 3-54   Boy, this layout is easy to follow with lots of rooms to take notes – well designed! Good model for other ebooks.

p. 15 – explanation of GoggleAds KeyWord Tracker (didn’t know it existed!)

p. 21 – where to go to gain blog HTML and CSS tutorial help ( and

p. 22 – priorities of what you want your readers to do while on your blog (my priorities aren’t obvious – and now I know it!)

The last one alone was well worth the price of admission–which is free if you sign up for Daniel’s ezine Daily Blogging Tips at
It seems that putting out the ebook itself proved to be both a valuable Daily Blog Tip plus an excellent marketing model rolled into one. 

Barbara’s two cents!






Imagine! Grammar Rules Made Fun

Booher's Rules of Business Grammar

Business Grammar

Who reads grammar books for fun? Well, I do, but I have an ulterior motive. I want to know “Do other experts agree with me on the fine points of language usage?” Especially I want to know, “Do they agree with my Word Trippers?”

So I spent an enjoyable two hours perusing Dianna Booher’s fresh new grammar book, Booher’s Rules of Business Grammar: 101 Fast and Easy Ways to Correct the Most Common Errors, just released by McGraw-Hill. This light-hearted volume focuses on common errors with simple explanations. 

Dianna even makes grammar rules entertaining, giving readers imaginative ways to remember them. Each of the 101 quick-read chapters (1-3 pages each) features a mini-story, a visual trigger, and a memory box to tie the lesson together.

I especially like her chapter titles that pinpoint misuses in quotation marks, such as “If I Was You” and “Just Between You and I” and “The Team Played Real Good.” And yes, I saw that we’re in agreement on key points-and that her rules don’t give in to common misusage.

If you don’t easily “get” grammar, this book provides explanations from a variety of angles in a clear conversational tone, as if Dianna were (not was) teaching someone new to English in person.

Yes, she does weave in terms like “nominative case” and “subjunctive tense,” but knowing proper names isn’t essential to understanding these rules and they won’t bog you down.

Now, if you think you “get” grammar pretty well, I challenge you to test that assumption! Go to and take the online Grammar Quiz (click on the link above). That will give you a benchmark score.

Then read this book and take the quiz again. My guess? You’ll boost your score at lot.

More important, you’ll boost your ability to write correctly!

Latest Gadget Nation Promotion

See Steve’s latest print and video PR successes with Miami Herald!

GADGET NATION hits the Miami Herald

The Miami Herald’s website video — check it out at:

Putting together Gadget Nation was no small effort for Steve Greenberg, The Innovation Insider, and his team (myself included). Steve now gets to have fun launching this book of more than 100 quirky innovations. NBC featured him recently plus he created his own video for viral markeeting (so pass it on!). 

You’ll get crazy ideas for your own promotions just watching these!



Click below to see Steve’s attempt at being a rock star with his new book





Gadget Nation – Steven Greenberg’s new book about inventors

Gadget Nation introduces you to more than 100 quirky innovative inventions by inventors who spent countless hours and dollars trying to turn ideas into bonanzas. Barbara McNichol and Sherry Sterling interviewed lots of them for Steve Greenberg, The Innovation Insider. Full details and description at

Click below to see the coverage from the Today Show on May 10, 2008.

Click below to see Steve’s attempt at being a rock star with his new book    

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