Expert Editing

Barbara McNichol Editorial specializes in working with authors of nonfiction books. You’ll find details at Barbara McNichol Editorial website. Here’s an overview:

“Set the Stage” Sample Edit

Several pages of your manuscript will be edited showing how BME would approach content/copyediting your writing to deliver the results you want for your book. This Sample Edit can lead to recommending a Manuscript Review or your manuscript may be deemed ready for BME’s 3-Part Editing Process. The fee is $190.

“Hit Your Mark” Manuscript Review

BME will read the entire manuscript, critique the content, structure, and effectiveness of your chapters, and assess how they meet the objectives of your book (stated in your Quick-Start Planner for Editing Your Nonfiction Book). The focus is on making suggestions for improving structure and conceptual problems in this Manuscript Review. You’ll find that taking this step will streamline the content/copyediting process that follows as it directs you to make major adjustments so your manuscript is ready for the 3-Part Editing Process. Sample fee: $600 for 25,000-word manuscript

“Ready to Rock” 3-Part Editing Process

You’ll know if you’re “ready to rock” when you’ve included all the content you want and have thoroughly evaluated all chapters for their relevancy and overall placement in the book you’ve envisioned. This 3-Part Editing Process includes two rounds of content/copyediting plus a final proofread. Near the beginning (usually after the first 3 chapters have been edited), I’ve built in an author check-in. This gives you an opportunity to approve the editing to date and provide any feedback for change.

BME’s Editing Plan

After completing a Sample Edit, BME will provide an Editing Plan that includes a project fee and timeline, and recommends either:

  • a Manuscript Review first, or
  • start on the 3-Part Editing Process

How can you get started? Ask for Quick-Start Planning for Editing Your Nonfiction Book by sending an email to

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