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“Waying” In on the Use of “Way”

HUNT’S HEADLINES comes from my buddy Todd Hunt who’s dedicated to wrapping communication lessons in laughter. He’s a guy who notices the humor in the little things, then sends his commentary out into the world (or at least to his subscriber list). (Sign up at http://www.toddhuntspeaker.com)

This recent entry tickled my funny bone:

I’ve been on a word kick, I know…but wrong is wrong.

 The latest offender?

 Way. As a replacement for “much.”

 You hear it in casual conversation…“He’s way heavier since he got divorced.”

 That’s not correct, of course. It should be “much heavier.”

 Now we’re seeing it in respected national publications, such as this front-page article in an advertising trade journal:

 “Pampers’ breakthrough new Dry Max is 20% thinner and way more absorbent that its predecessor.”

 Can’t we say “much more?” Or “far more?” Or even just “more?” It’s way cooler.

 Did Todd get your attention? Please share your thoughts below.