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Surf’s Up in Maui for Jessica

For those who have been following Jessica Cox (www.rightfooted.com) — the first woman without arms to earn her pilot’s license — check out her latest adventure. It’s her first surfing lesson, beautifully photographed in a short video clip. Click or copy/paste this link into your browser:

Jessica Learning to Fly – Underwater!

This video clip says it all in Jessica’s words. Feel free to comment and cheer her on!

Jessica Still Flying in Media Skies

What an exciting time for Jessica Cox.


More and more folks in the media world are touting her accomplishment of earning her sports pilot’s license. Why is this remarkable? This 25-year-old motivational speaker and newly licensed pilot accomplished all this without having arms. She uses her feet to fly a plane and drive a car.

In December, Jessica appeared as a celebrity guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and was featured in an article in AOPA ePilot (for aircraft owners and pilots) . She appeared on  Inside Edition and was touted in the Tucson Citizen. Here’s the clip from Fox and Friends on her recent appearance there. 

Wonder what January will bring.



Jessica Now Licensed to Fly “With My Own Two Feet”

After her successful solo flight last May, Jessica Cox proved the sky is no limit when she earned her Sport Pilot license flying an Ercoupe plane with only her feet. Jessica was born without arms 25 years ago.

On October 10, FAA examiner Terry Brandt gave Jessica the thumbs-up on her check ride at the San Manuel Airport, just outside Tucson. “I showed him my best. After we got up in the air, the wind shifted and we hit some turbulence, but I flew through it just fine,” said Jessica.

When Jessica did a particularly good job on a short field landing, the examiner complimented her, saying, “Nice landing.”

Greeted with hugs from her parents William and Inez Cox, and enthusiastic spectators Jack McIntyre, Jack Traweek, Dave Knudson, as well as another FFA examiner, Jessica beamed, “I gave my best performance ever!”

Jessica Cox puts on her headset.

Jessica Cox puts on her headset.

Flying with My Own Two Feet

Smile of success! Jessica Cox

Flying with My Own Two Feet not only reveals the name of her book, it’s an actual feat for Jessica Cox. And on May 11, 2008, this speaker/author gave her mom an amazing Mother’s Day gift. She flew an Ercoupe sport plane solo in San Manuel, Arizona – with her feet! 

 Jessica tigthens fuel cap in her preflight inspection

Reaching this milestone is tough for anyone, but especially for this 25 year old born without arms. Her family and friends, myself included, watched her practice her touch-and-go’s (quick landing and takeoff) the day before, but her instructor said, “There’s no way I’d let you solo with all those people around! You wouldn’t be able to concentrate!”

Then, in her lesson about 6 a.m. the next morning with no crowds or cameras around, she did five touch-and-go’s in a row. “You’re ready,” said Parrish Traweek, her instructor and owner of the Ercoupe. After that came her first solo flight.

Jessica, author and pilot, with me  With me the day before Jessica soloed

Being been part of Jessica’s flying and writing dreams since 2005, I’ve seen her overcome logistical barriers too numerous to count. She’s now earned a sport pilot’s license and can happily tell the world, “Look, Ma. I’ve soloed!”

I’ll keep you posted on her book’s journey as we complete Flying with My Own Two Feet by Jessica Cox.