Word Trippers

The term Word Trippers was coined for dealing with those crazy confusing words that editors trip over all the time. You know, accept vs. except and further vs. farther. Over the years, I’ve collected the most common ones and clarified them, example by example.

I invite you to email me with word pairings that confuse you or submit suggestions of your own. They’ll be featured in my ezine Word Tripper of the Week (sign up at www.wordtrippers.com) and may even find their way in the next version of Best of Word Trippers.

Let’s stamp out misuse of common words now! Submit your Word Trippers today to editor@barbaramcnichol.com

“I have been a follower of Barbara’s ‘Word Trippers’ for the past year. There should be more authors, as well as ‘would be’ authors, reading her column. I have been tripping over words for years. I recommend that you read her Word Tripper of the Week. Thanks, Barbara.”

– Frederiko Aguilar, author, The Desert Has No King

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            Word Trippers


Yes, please offer your suggestions for future Word Trippers and sign up for Word Tripper of the Week at www.wordtrippers.com


One response to “Word Trippers

  1. I love your word trippers!! Thank you.

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